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L’Association SuperMamans est un rĂ©seau d’entraide familiale entiĂšrement bĂ©nĂ©vole et gratuit. Jusqu’aux... en savoir plus >

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DARA Europe

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The DARA Europe Foundation is committed to helping underprivileged children and their families in Cambodia. DARA Europe supports the Cambodian foundation Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO). SCCO offers educational programmes, family support and provides employment in the village of Andong, a slum near the capital Phnom Penh. Our mission: DARA Europe wants, through structural financial support in the areas of safety and hygiene, health care, nutrition, education and upbringing, help the children in Andong to grow up to be healthy, independent adults with a chance of a good future. Dara Europe is also registred on ShopDonation Netherland, check it out here: More information:

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